Intercom de marque Logenex.

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The TeleDoorBell MDU series is a full featured multi dwelling unit door entry intercom. This easy to install multi-tenant version can quickly connect up to 4 suites sharing a single entry point. Available with removable back box the MDUV4-LX can be recessed or surface mounted. Your tenants are now connected through their phones to the TeleDoorBell MDU series door entry station without the need of running more cable to each suite or having your installing a costly line at the entry point. The MDUV4-LX is available with or without 24/7 live video. Rugged, vandal resistant, the metal face plate will stand up against the elements for years. Perfect for commercial or residential applications, TeleDoorBell will seamlessly integrate to virtually any analogue, VOIP or business phone systems that may be on site.

Détails du produit
MDU Series